Who Makes Primewell Tires?

If you are considering buying Primewell tires, you might be surprised to learn who makes Primewell tires. The company itself is under GITI Tire, the same parent company that runs GT Radial as well as Runway Tires. GITI Tire is mainly based in Shanghai China but it does have its offices and licenses in Canada and the US for product distribution and quality assurance. So, in answer to the question, Primewell tires are manufactured in mainland China.


Why It Doesn’t Matter

That might sound disconcerting for some people especially for those who prefer products made entirely in the US. However you have to dig in a little deeper before moving on to the next option. Most of the parts used in manufacturing these tires, from the chemicals to the engineering molds, are designed internationally but the assembly line is in China. This is mostly because of lower costs and because the parent company is based in China. Quality assurance is a very big deal for consumers and despite these tires made outside of the country, certifications guarantee that they undergo strict quality assurance.


It can become a bit of a consumer-rant when you think about it. When someone asks who makes Falken tires (the Japanese) or who makes Cooper tires (American manufacturers) nobody questions their credibility. However when people ask who makes Primewell tires and they learn it’s made in China most consumers immediately jump to the wrong conclusions. Again, the country of origin is not exactly the main factor to consider when looking at the quality of the product.


Case in Point

To further prove this point, Primewell tires have been rated in more than one reliable Primewell Tires Review as some of the best economy tires in the market today. In terms of traction they have garnered a 460 average which is up to 15% higher than most tires sold today. This means you get better grip on the road even when under high speed conditions. With the Primewell PZ900 you also get these benefits even when driving under wet conditions due to its special V-tread designs.


In retrospect, who makes Cooper tires – American manufacturers. Who makes Falken tires – Japanese manufacturers. Both manufacturing companies usually tend to rate pretty high on consumer ratings but in terms of car tires, it is pretty remarkable to see Primewell tires garnering better reviews, from both official Primewell Tires Review sites and consumer reviews alike. So what is in these tires that gave them all the praise and attention despite being manufactured in China?


Why Primewell Tires Rate So High

It’s all in the design and quality. As mentioned, Primewell tires are designed to be all-around, all-season economy tires. For that matter you get tires that will last well over 120,000 miles under high speed conditions even during the changing seasons. The best part though is that they cost less than $100 a piece.


You get affordable tires that last a long time and they are designed to give you full control even when under high speeds and different weather conditions. Under those circumstances you might immediately forget who makes Primewell tires simply due to their top of the line quality.